Your First Few Weeks of Postpartum

Your First Few Weeks of Postpartum



Navigating the First Few Weeks of Postpartum with Sugar Shapewear

Understanding your postpartum recovery stages helps you leverage shapewear effectively.

During the intial stages, a shapewear supports weakened muscles, helps your uterus contract effectively and provides stability.

Continued use helps in shaping and toning your body as you regain strength, comfort and a more defined silhouette as you adjust to your new post-pregnancy body.

Selecting the right shapewear is crucial, find the right shapewear suitable for your recovery stage below.



Immediate Postpartum (Up to 6 weeks):

The immediate postpartum period begins right after childbirth and continuing over the first 6 weeks. During this time, your body is focused on recovering from the intense physical experience of labor and delivery.

You may experience soreness, swelling, and changes in your body shape as your uterus starts to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size through contractions and postpartum discharge, a process called involution.

What type of shapewear to wear during involution:

  • Adjustable belly wraps such as SugarBelt

  • High waisted, wireless and firm compression shapewear made of breathable and lightweight fabric can provide the support, reduce swelling and aid the process of healing by offering firm support of the abdomen.

Recommended Shapewear:

1. SugarBelt
SugarBelt is an adjustable 4 metres long belly wrap for postpartum recovery you can wrap according to the level of support and compression according to your comfort.

By being able to control the compression, you ensure that your abdomen receives the optimal support it needs without pain or discomfort  facilitating a natural healing process.

2. Highwaist Scupting Leggings
The firm compression lifting your lower belly support and stabilising to the entire abdominal, pelvic area that aids in your recovery including reducing swelling and promote muscle recovery by healing of the stretched muscles.

The design is seamless, supports you without constricting and ensures that the leggings do not poke into your under bust while you navigate daily activities with your newborn.


Early Postpartum (6 weeks to 6 months):

As you move into the early postpartum stage, your focus shifts to adapting to life with a newborn while your body continues to recover. You may still be dealing with changes in body shape, breastfeeding challenges, and overall fatigue.

What type of shapewear to wear during early postpartum:

During this stage, it is crucial to wear a medium or firm compression shapewear consistently to support the weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. 

Consistent wear of AirWaist Trainers will gradually shape your body, aiding in muscle recovery, relives back pain and promoting better posture alignment over time.

Highly recommended for postpartum moms, ideal for daily wear, whether running errands with your newborn or going to work. These types of shapewear are made of light fabric, humid-friendly yet offers firm essential support, comfort throughout the day and promotes mobility without restrictive or excruciating tight feeling.


Late Postpartum (6 months to 1 year):

You're likely settling into the new mom-routine and feeling more like yourself again. While your body continues to heal and adapt, it's normal to have occasional ups and downs, both physically and emotionally, as you navigate the balancing act of motherhood and taking care of yourself.

What type of shapewear to wear during late postpartum:

It's not too late, there are shapewear designed for late postpartum phase. These shapewear provides ongoing firm support and contouring as your body gradually returns to its pre-pregnancy shape. It helps maintain posture, supports core strength, and instantly boosts confidence in your appearance.


By Control Support Level:

Firm Control: Shapewear with firm control gives you maximum shaping and support. It's like your secret weapon when you want to really feel in control, smooth out and sculpt your curves.


Medium Control: Shapewear with medium control offers a nice balance of shaping without feeling too compressive. This control level is suitable for everyday wear, anywhere, offering support to target areas like the abdomen, waist, and hips while allowing for comfortable movement.


Light Control: Shapewear with light control offers gentle shaping and smoothing. However, it may not provide sufficient support for postpartum recovery, where firmer compression is often recommended to offer more shaping control, aid muscle recovery and provide stability to the abdominal area.


Remember, every woman's postpartum journey is unique. It's essential to listen to your body, prioritise self-care, choose a shapewear that aligns with your recovery needs.

Postpartum shapewear can be a valuable tool in supporting your physical and emotional well-being during this transformative time, we are always for you, you may reach out to Sugar Shapewear team on Instagram DM or email us at 

Take care of yourself, mama!