Waistlab's Sculpting Serum

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Waistlab's Sculpting Serum

$69.00 Sale Save
Ladies, meet your new waist training partner! Exclusively distributed by Sugar Shapewear, the Waistlab's Sculpting Serum is a 2 month firming and toning program for your arms and midsection.

She has three main ingredients for maximum results:
Vexel™, which firms, tones and restores elasticity of skin;
Coaxel™, which reduces fat thickness via silhouette sculpting;
Intenslim™, which prevents fat accumulation by reducing fat thickness.

1. Can I wear it with Sugar Shapewear's Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer?
Absolute yes!
2. Will I really see results?
Ever heard of the quote "Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency." We're rooting for you babes!

• Gel based formula for fast absorption and no greasy residue behind.
• Airless pump bottle - zero product wastage.
• Reduce your waist by up to 3.9cm in just 2 months when used in conjunction with Waist Trainers.
• Formulated in the USA and locally manufactured in Singapore.
•HSA Certified and not tested on animals