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Color Coal
Back to basics with a modern day twist on traditional postpartum belt. Wear daily to aid your postpartum recovery and shrink your midsection.

Sugarbelt is an effective and comfortable replacement to your traditional postpartum binder as you can do-it-yourself any time!

• Reduce waistline
• Shrink your belly and uterus
• Heal diastasis recti
• Reduce bloating and relieve wind from stomach
• Flushing body fluids
• Supports posture, ease your general movement
• Pelvic floor support
• Relieves pressure off your pelvic muscles

1. I just gave birth, when can I start wearing the Sugarbelt?
For both caesarean and vaginal delivery, you may start wearing Sugarbelt as soon as week 1 of postpartum.
2. Does this cover the hips?
Yes, Sugarbelt can be wrapped to cover your hips however, we do not advise you to wrap it over your tummy as it may fold when you sit.

Sugarbelt is a one-size fits all wrap that you can adjust to your desired compression level and preferred coverage. See long term results with consistent wear.