Slide in the comfiest, weightless, supportive & squat-proof leggings.

Zip Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 2.0

Zip Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 2.0

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Zip Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 2.0, Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 1.0 and Mid-waist Sculpting Leggings.

Except SugarTights, the rest of our Sculpting Leggings are great for your workouts. Sweat, squat or lift in our leggings without compromising your range of motions and comfort.

Top recommendation: Zip Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 2.0 and Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 1.0

No underwear is totally fine however if you prefer to wear one, go for seamless laser-cut designs and avoid cotton panties.

7 out of 10 of our loyal customers own more than 1 pair of Zip Highwaist Sculpting Leggings 2.0!

As seen on reviews, our customers love its firm compressive sculpting fit giving them an instant sleeker legs, cinched midsection & love handles, lifted lower belly.

Customers could bend, squat and run as many errands a day and the leggings still does not lose its shape or elasticity over time. This leggings is most loved worn underneath loose or figure hugging outfits to work or paired with a blouse.

SugarTights fabric is see-through almost like a pantyhose however its fabric has more strength than a pantyhose, offering only minimal shaping support.

If you need more shaping support, go for the rest of our leggings.