Read the how-to that will ease you into the best shapewear experience with the expert guidance of Sugar Shapewear team.


1. With the Sugar Shapewear label on top and facing your body, place the waist trainer around your midsection.

2. Pull the waist trainer from both sides and start hooking from the bottom to tuck and lift your lower belly.

3. Place your thumbs inside the waist trainer for better grip of the hooks, with index fingers guiding the hooks to the buckles.

4. While hooking, adjust the waist trainer from time to time to your comfort and ensure the bone at the back is in line with your spine.


Don'ts: Hooking from top to bottom

What happens when you start hooking your waist trainer from top to bottom, this causes spillages, bulges and your lower belly to be saggy. As your lower belly protrudes, this will force your waist trainer to fold up.

Do's: It is a crucial step to start hooking your waist trainer from the bottom to top.

This will help your belly & love handles to be tucked and lifted for long lasting firming results.


1. Sit down and roll the Tummy Tuck legs to make a donut.

2. Pull up the rolled donut on both legs alternately, keeping it rolled up to your groin/crotch.

3. Drag the fabric bit by bit by maximising the stretch all the way up your tummy, before dragging the fabric down on your thighs.

4. Ensure that every inch of the Tummy Tuck touches your skin for optimal comfort.

#Never slide your shapewear or pull from the seams as it may cause the fabric to overly stretch and tear.

The right postpartum shapewear eases your mind and body into restorative long term postpartum healing.

Sugarbelt or Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer.

If you have signed up for a personal 14 day postpartum care package, you can replace the traditional binder with Sugar Shapewear's Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer or Sugarbelt.

The best part, you can wear it yourself without extra pair of helping hands.

You may start wearing Sugarbelt or The Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer from day 14 of your postpartum onwards or when your C-Sect incision has heal.

Breathable & Lightweight Waist Trainer

• has a curvy fabric structure that gives you long lasting curves.

• breathable and lightweight fabric draws away moisture and allows for air to circulate in your midsection, preventing skin irritations or infecting your incision.

• almost seamless, can be worn underneath outfit.


• does not have a curvy shaping effect as our waist trainers.

• you can wrap it according to your preferred coverage and compression level.

• can be worn to out however the velcro strap might show through your outfit.


The Sugarbelt will not fold, roll or move around when wrapped with the right technique.

Things to note while wrapping Sugarbelt:

1. The first wrap is crucial to building a firm foundation.

2. Start from the bottom. If you start wrapping from the top, it will push down your belly which is not what we want.

3. Do not wrap Sugarbelt over your hips as this will cause it to fold while you sit.

4. Breathe in while wrapping Sugarbelt over your waist for the good compression.

5. Sugarbelt wrap should end at the bottom. This is how you ensure that you have worn it correctly.

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